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Notice: No longer maintained

Note that I no longer maintain this website, so please visit my blog Mypapit Personal Blog for latest updates

Depending on my free time, I probably will update this website when I've free time, but don't count on it (update: 2015-07-07)

Welcome to!

mypapit photoMy name is Mohammad Hafiz (mypapit) and welcome to my official website. I'm an educator and hobbyist programmer. I enjoys reading computer related material and believes in 'recreational programming'.

My main operating system platform is Ubuntu, but I occasionally use FreeBSD and Windows 8.1 too. I usually codes in GNU/Linux, my main programming languages is C and Java (mostly for developing Android apps), but I also can code in PHP and ASP(VBScript). You can find my personal project in the "Projects" section.

I maintain a personal blog at which I share my knowledge, discovery and experience related to my hobby and work.

My main machine

I mainly use Ubuntu for my day-to-day use. Currently I use Intel Core i5 650 with 12GB of RAM for my workstation.

Email me if you have any questions regarding this website, my email address is : Alternatively, you can chat with me when I'm online using the chat client in my sidebar.