Other Projects

Most of the things listed here are by no means complete, they are for your reference only.

Note that most of these links are dead and unmaintained, I might update this website with a new design when I've free time, but don't count on it (update: 2015-07-07)

Please visit my github page for a list of updated projects.


WineCD is a system-tray application that helps to eject and close cdrom/dvdrom tray programmatically.



Identifies the codec used in AVI files (*.avi) and allow the user to change the FourCC description code (like fourcc-changer in Windows). Useful for people working with Microsoft AVI file.

A Linux clone of AviC fourcc changer tool



A gfourcc console-based counterpart. cfourcc is included in Debian and Ubunt (universe) repository.



hdate is a tool that prints the Hijri date in a system console. I created this software mainly because there isnt any utility available (at least none that i could find) in the UN*X platform that can print the Hijri date.



A simple Win32 application I wrote to demonstrate simple steganography concept by hiding text into Windows Bitmap files (BMP) without changing its size.

TinySorok download


I wrote this Win32 application to demonstrates how to use libnapai CPU Identification library inside another application


CysInfo src


TrayMoon is a system tray application that display the moon phases and the Hijri dates. It is a fully open-source software under the terms of the GNU General Public License.



gWineCD is a system-tray application that helps to eject and close cdrom/dvdrom tray programmatically. This is gtk+ 2.0 version for Linux desktop (GNOME/KDE).

*Warning current gWineCD release is unstable, please use it with caution. User submitted improvements are encouraged.



A command-line-interface application that produce various crc checksums (crc32,crc16,crc-ccitt,bzip2 crc) on files and validates them. Useful for fast file verification but not validation against intentional tempering.


Krazhbox floppy linux

KrazhBoX is a small-sized GNU/Linux distribution targeted for users who need a quick and small rescue disk for their GNU/Linux (and possibly other) operating system. KrazhBoX can also be use to prepare a computer for operating system installations like partitioning hard disk, formatting them with new a filesystem, activating the boot active partition and many more! KrazhBoX supports common filesystem for GNU/Linux such as ext2, ext3, ReiserFS and Minix as well as other filesystem (FAT, FAT32, NTFS, and ISO9660).