Web Projects

Most of the things listed here are by no means complete. It is more to my part time hobby of hacking on web applications


mypapit chicken and cockCurrently Im the project leader PHP feedcreator-ppt (fork) project. Feedcreator is a class library that simplify the creation of web syndication feeds easily.

Feedcreator supports creation of RSS 0.91, RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0 ,Atom 0.3, Atom 1.0, PIE 1.0, OPML 1.0 xml feeds and

This particular fork of feedcreator has been in use in several notable organisation such as Berkeley University Webcasts, Cerias: Purdue University and National Press Photographers Association

The current project page is at http://feedcreator.org

Fakapster blog update service

I decided to develop fakapster because I want to create a 'self-learning' blog update service. By self-learning I mean that it has a certain degree of 'AI' which enables it to categorized blog posts automatically using various techniques that I'm experimenting with.

In the near future, users may participate in fakapster by correcting it's automatic classification of blog post. This way, fakapster will improve to better itself in identifying posts with greater accuracy

fakapster collects weblogs data using Weblog XML-RPC api from blogging clients that implements it.


Foxrate.org is not unlike other currency exchange service available on the internet. What makes it different that I specifically coded it to provide currency exchage service through the use of Web Service API - using XML-RPC interface. Foxrate also autodetects the visitor location and automatically select appropriate currency based on the visitors dectected location.


Another hobby project of mine which use heyman.info mms decoder php library to implement a web service that can accept MMS from mobile phones

Website : MMSWeb


I developed this to learn more about simple AJAX application using xajax toolkit library. This website displays locations based on IP Address. The service also has a simple HTTP GET web API (RESTful), that allows it data to be accessed by third party applications.

Website : ShowIP